Massages with a happy ending: benefits and types of ending

Wednesday, 09 March 2022

Among the services that you can find on our Barcelona website, erotic massages are among the most pleasant sensory experiences that a person can experience. Not in vain, this type of stimulation focuses mainly (although not exclusively) on the genitals of the person who receives it. Among its different types, we must distinguish massages with a happy ending , which receive their name from the way they end: with the orgasm of the person being massaged.

Orgasm and ejaculation are not necessary conditions to talk about erotic massage. This can exist without the massaging reaches the orgasmic burst. It will be necessary, however, for that orgasmic burst to exist to talk about a happy ending massage .

In this article we are going to talk about this type of practice, what its benefits are and what are the different ways to end a massage of this type.


What are massages with a happy ending?

Eastern cultures highlight it: knowing how to channel sexual energy is essential to enjoy good health. The erotic-sexual practice to which we are dedicating this post is exemplary in that sense. Investing in stimulation of this type is investing in health.

Anything that reduces anxiety is good for our body and erotic massages are, in this sense, a wonderful instrument to reduce stress and tension. Incorporating the happy end (that is: the orgasm) to a body stimulation of these characteristics is an excellent way to generate a climax that often goes beyond the physical. That orgasmic climax leads, on many occasions, to the spiritual.

To achieve that surpass the physical, you have to take care of everything that has to do with the senses. The setting of the space in which the massage will be performed is essential. To achieve that setting we are talking about, you must:

  • Maintain a good temperature in the room. This temperature should range between 22 and 25º C. With it, it will be easier to surrender to the sensations that will be experienced during the session.
  • Choose relaxing music.
  • Light some aromatic candles that fulfill a double mission: to give a special lighting to the room and to aromatize it. Floral or marine fragrances are very suitable for setting a room in which this type of practice is going to take place. A dim light, relaxing music and an aroma that caresses the nose will help create a moment of very sensual intimacy.
  • Choose an oil or gel to the taste of the person being massaged.

The combination of all these factors will allow you to experience the excitement of the moment with greater intensity and the happy ending massage will become an experience as pleasant as it is unforgettable.

happy ending

Benefits of happy end massage

Enjoying an orgasm is always positive. There are many benefits that come from experiencing an orgasm. When this is also the climax of an experience full of wonderful sensations such as an erotic massage , the benefits become more numerous and intense. Among them we highlight the following:

  • They loosen the muscles.
  • They unlock body and mind.
  • They lower anxiety levels.
  • They release the accumulated sexual energy.
  • They stimulate blood circulation.
  • They prevent the appearance of sexual dysfunctions such as lack of sexual appetite or erectile dysfunction.

To all these benefits must be added, of course, the experience of intense physical and mental pleasure. A person who receives a massage with a happy ending feels in a certain way the center of the world. And that is always a good injection of energy for self-esteem.

Erotic massage with masturbation

Types of happy ending in an erotic massage

Erotic massages with a happy ending can end in three ways: manually, orally or with a complete sexual relationship . This goes for both men and women.

Manual completion, as its name suggests, is the one in which the hands are responsible for leading the massaged person to orgasm. If this is a man, we can visualize how the practice ends with the popular straw. The massaged is manually masturbated and it is the hand of the masseuse who finally makes him ejaculate. This action may or may not be accompanied by prostate stimulation.

If the passive person in this full body stimulation session is a woman, it is the hands of the person who performs it that are responsible for stimulating the vagina, G-spot and, especially, the clitoris. This type of practice that ends with a manual happy ending can also be accompanied by some anal stimulation.

When talking about this type of massage, we must not forget that the anus is a place where many nerve endings come together and, therefore, a very sensitive place. Well stimulated, it can be a source of great pleasure for both women and men freed from taboos.

When the happy end is oral, the final stimulation that leads to orgasm for the massaged person is done with the mouth. We are talking about fellatio when the passive partner is a boy and cunnilingus when it is a girl.

The happy ending massage that ends with the mouth is, needless to say, very pleasurable. When the moment of climax arrives, the boy can ejaculate inside or outside the mouth of the masseuse (provided, of course, that she consents). This type of blowjob in which the ejaculation occurs inside the mouth is called full blowjob.

Finally, the last way to end an erotic massage is that of the complete sexual relationship. That is to say: throwing a powder. In a crescendo of excitement like the one that usually accompanies a practice of these characteristics, this seems like an almost sung ending. To get to it, moreover, it is not strange that they go through oral stimulation beforehand. Not surprisingly, fellatio and cunnilingus are among the most suitable sexual practices for the erotic preliminaries of a relationship with penetration. This, finally, would be the perfect icing for a super exciting erotic massage.

In Barcelona we have many centers where you can enjoy this service and among our escorts, there are also many professionals who can delight you with this pleasant moment of relaxation.

Massage with a happy ending