Penis extender and vacuum pumps: the developers

Tuesday, 01 February 2022

It is often said that penis size is a very masculine obsession. But it is that men do not just strain that size does not matter. If it matters. If it didn't matter, women wouldn't joke about it. It is not the same to have a member of 14 cm, for example, than to have it of 18. That is why there are many men who, worried about how to increase the size of the penis , look for ways to lengthen it. One of them is the penis extender . Another, the suction pump .

We are going to talk about the developer or penis extender (and also the vacuum or suction pump) in this post. In it we are going to explain what these erotic items consist of, how they are used and what their function is.

Before you get to know the characteristics and uses of these two devices, we want to explain to you what, according to sexologists, a normal-sized phallus is. A male member considered normal should measure, when erect, between 12 and 18 cm. The average oscillates around 13 cm. Micropenis, on the other hand, would measure 7 cm or less when erect.

As we have seen, the range of what is considered normal is quite a wide range. Between 12 and 18 cm there is a six centimeter difference. And 6 cm, when talking about dicks, is a considerable measure. Approaching 18 can be a very feasible desire for those who do not exceed 15. And extension cords or suction pumps can be, in the minds of many men, a very useful instrument to achieve it. Is it so? Let's see it.

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How does the penis extender work?

Penile traction devices (that could be the most pompous and scientific name of a penis enlarger ) are devices intended to exert tension on the tissue of the virile member.

These devices must be anchored at the base of the phallus (at one end) and under the glans (at the other). The two anchors are linked together by arms whose length is adjustable.

Placed, what the developers do about the phallus is pull it. Or, what is the same: increase the mechanical tension in the phallic tissue. What is achieved with that? Stimulate the growth of new cells of said tissue. The body itself, to relieve this tension, is responsible for activating this cellular production.

The first thing that anyone who is going to use this type of device should keep in mind is that the growth margin is what it is. Penis enlargement has its limits and those limits do not go beyond 2 cm. To achieve this, you have to use it at least 2 hours a day (preferably five or six) and for about 14 weeks. As we see, there are no miracles.

Does that mean that the penis enlarger is a useless item? No. Far from it. 2 cm, after all, is 2 cm. In addition, this type of device also has medical applications. They are used to prevent retractions of the virile member in those cases in which a prostate cancer operation has been performed or in which, having placed a penile prosthesis, it should be removed due to an infection.

The extenders are also used to straighten the phallus when, for example, it has been affected by Peyronie's disease.


Types of extenders

Two basic types of penile traction devices can be found on the market. They differ from each other by the mechanism of attachment to the member. Those two types are:

  • Androgenital/jesextender. The glans is fixed or "hanged" by a band of plastic material.
  • The expander fixes the glans with a suction bell and, by sucking, pulls on it.

Which is the best? As is often said, against tastes there are no disputes. The truth, however, is that most studies are usually carried out with the first type. And it is also true that there are people who, when using the second type, experience discomfort, numbness and a feeling of numbness.

Penis extender types

penis sucker

Another way to increase the penis is by using penile pumps . Of course: in this case the increase is temporary. To maintain the increase during sexual intercourse, the use of this article should be combined with that of a sexual ring .

The operation of a penis pump is very simple. These items are cylinders that fit around the penis creating an airtight seal. When pumping, the air inside the pump is removed and thus a vacuum is created.

What is achieved by creating that vacuum? What the penis sucker does is make the blood flow in greater quantity to the cavernous bodies of the phallus and this, by receiving this more abundant blood supply, becomes thicker and longer. To maintain this level of erection it is necessary to remove the pump and place a ring. With it, the blood will be retained inside the phallus and the erection will be prolonged.

When buying an erotic product of this type, keep in mind that there are manual pumps and automatic pumps and also the following advice:

  • They are not devices created to practice masturbation. They should be used before masturbating.
  • If you want to enhance its effects, you can combine its use with that of a vasodilator cream.

penis sucker

How to use a suction pump?

If you want to use a penile pump you must follow these steps:

  1. Apply a layer of water-based lubricant around the mouth of the pump and on your crotch.
  2. Insert the member into the pump and press it against your crotch.
  3. While pressing the pump against your groin, slowly start pumping with your other hand. If the pump is transparent, you will attend the "miraculous" growth of your phallus.
  4. Take off the bomb. Many of these devices have an air release valve to facilitate this task.
  5. Use a penis ring to temporarily maintain the increase in size so that you can masturbate or have sex with a phallus that is slightly larger than the one you had before using the suction pump.

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