How to flirt with a luxury car: seduce with high-end cars

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Write how to flirt or how to flirt with a girl in your reference search engine and see what appears on your computer screen. You will see that a lot of entries appear before you that direct you to web pages in which they give you a more or less exhaustive list of tips and seduction techniques.

In these pages they tell you about overcoming the fear of rejection, about taking advantage of yourself, about enhancing your assertiveness and your communication skills, about finding common ground with the person you want to conquer, about smiling at that person, to look into her eyes ...

Without a doubt, all these tips are useful when seducing a woman. We will not deny it here. That when it comes to flirting it is better to be nice than surly is something easily understandable. And something that, as a general rule, usually works. That does not prevent there are people who are seductive despite going through life with a sullen gesture hanging from their faces. And it is that, after all, people are people and that is why each of us has our own particular tastes.

But there are things that do not usually fail when seducing a woman. For instance? Have a luxury car . We ask ourselves how to connect with a luxury car and we really think that we should ask ourselves that: but how not to connect with such a car?

Girls and fancy cars

Are you more linked to a luxury car?

The answer to this question is simple: yes. Without a doubt. And it is that even some experiments carried out by some television network show to what extent a high-end car can be a weapon of mass seduction.

A good car is more effective, on many occasions, than a good conversation or a pretty face. Not too long ago, a video taken from a Brazilian television program circulated on YouTube. This program, called Boom , is specialized in making jokes to people who pass by on the street.

In the aforementioned video, which has had several million visits, a young man is shown trying to get a date with a girl who passes by on the street. To try, the protagonist of the television sketch leans on a Chevrolet Camaro, a luxury sports car . When he manages to contact one of the girls who passes by on the street (he does so on more than one occasion), he reveals the truth to his newly conquered flirts: his car is not that, but the old brown utility vehicle that is parked next to it.

What happens when the "conquered" girls discover that the gallant is not the owner of the Chevrolet? They leave. It could almost be said that they "flee" from your side. Even one who had come to kiss him marches too. The sketch, despite everything, has a happy and comforting ending for the romantics: a girl stays with the alleged owner of the high-end sports car despite discovering that it was only that, presumably.

High-end car

Why do you link more to a luxury car?

A luxury car is a first-rate tool when it comes to flirting. Expensive cars are surrounded by eroticism. And that erotica serves to break down barriers and capture the attention of sexy and exciting women.

A not-too-attractive man is more striking in a high-end car than in a working-class utility vehicle. Why? Because a luxury car is, apart from a means of getting around, a status symbol. This is why there are many middle-aged men who, when it comes to buying a car, feel belittled or frustrated if they cannot afford a high-end one. Being able to acquire a BMW, an Audi, a Mercedes, a Porsche, is, for many men of that age, the demonstration that they have reached something in life. That a personal milestone has been reached.

This conception of the luxury vehicle as a status symbol is present in men in general, but it is also present in women. She sees a winner in the man who drives a luxury car. Those who drive beautiful and luxurious cars are men who, in the imagination of many women, have known how to impose themselves on the environment.

Thus, if the cave woman valued positively the man who brought the best pieces of meat to the home, the current woman values the man who has achieved sufficient status to acquire a vehicle that stands out from the average and who, without a doubt, does not it is the same car that the postman who brings us the statements from the bank or the gardener from the park could buy. With all due respect to both of you, off course .

The "pull" of the premium car when it comes to conquering a woman is even more evident when what you are looking for are sporadic relationships. If a casual relationship is intended and with no other expectation than merely enjoying the moment without setting goals for the future, what better way to do it with someone who is going to transport us in a megacar than in a stroller to walk around the house?

This that we have just pointed out is what many women consider. Even if they deny it, too many women who seek to flirt something more than a simple, fast and transitory here I catch you and here I kill you. After all, who can wrest from these women the hope of catching a high-end car owner in the ever-effective web of fair sex? Sex, why deny it, is also a good weapon of subjugation. And we have not invented the verb to shrink. It exists to give a name to a reality.

Luxury car

Is it expensive to buy a high-end car?

As we have seen, flirting with a luxury car is simple. Or easier, in any case, than to do without it. The high-end car is a perfect hook to bite those little fish that populate our seducer dreams. But ... how to get a car of these characteristics? It is very expensive?

If we talk about brand new vehicles, yes. Without palliative, in addition. A Mercedes C-Class, a Range Rover Sport, a Porsche 911 or an Audi or a BMW convertible first hand and fresh from the factory (to give just a few examples of some models) are not cheap cars. But you have to keep in mind something that can never be neglected and that can be paid for with relatively little money: buying a second-hand luxury car in Germany .

In the used car market you can find real bargains, high-end cars in good condition and at a very affordable price. Importing a luxury car from Germany is also a good way to get hold of such a car. It should not be forgotten that the large factories of many premium car brands are based there and that there are many pre-owned, management or 0 km cars on offer.

At present, in addition, there are many online second-hand car sales websites that streamline the procedures and make this type of second-hand car purchases easier in other countries and, especially, in Germany.

Once all the procedures have been completed and our vehicle has been brought in, we will be ready to link up with a high-end car. It will be difficult for us not to.

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