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Monday, 15 November 2021

Find love. That is one of the top priorities for many people. It does not matter what social situation you are dealing with. It does not matter if you are a professor at a university or a stockman in a supermarket. Human beings do not want to be alone. Sometimes, because we need to give and receive love. In others, because we need to have sex. Flirting , thus, becomes a vital necessity. We need it like the air we breathe.

Traditionally, a partner has been searched for and sometimes found in many places. In the bars and disco, of course. But also in the neighbor's staircase, at work, in the institute or the faculty, on a trip, in the library, in the park, in the bleachers of our favorite soccer team, in a Yoga workshop, in the gym of the neighborhood ... For this "only" two things were necessary: to be in one of the places and to display your own charms in it.

The expansion of the internet, the undoubted technical progress that smartphones have experienced and the appearance of a long list of dating applications has made it possible to save a lot of time and effort when looking for a partner. At the same time, the range of people we can contact has been greatly expanded thanks to these applications.

In the beginning, the vast majority of dating apps were born as dating sites. From a computer terminal, a person could contact others and, if the flow of sympathy and the desire to meet in person were mutual, a face-to-face meeting could be arranged.

The progress of mobile phones and the appearance of smartphones allowed the companies that own these websites to launch their own mobile applications. To this process was added that of the dating sites that already appeared directly as an app.

Contact websites

How do dating sites work?

There are currently many dating apps on the market. Later we will talk about the best of them. Each one has its own characteristics and they are specialized in different sectors. There are, for example, those who are married and want to throw a ball in the air by being unfaithful to their partner. There are those aimed at those who are only looking for casual sex . They are designed specifically for their users to find friendships. And there are, of course, created so that those who want to find their better half with a view to establishing a serious and lasting relationship, can do so.

All of them, however, work in a similar way. And that way goes through following a series of steps.

The first of them all is to create a profile. The profile is, so to speak, the cover letter of the user of a dating app . It is the way of saying: this (or this) is me ... do you want something with me?

In the profile, apart from the photograph, a series of personal data is collected. How many? It depends on each website or application. Age, gender, cultural background, whether you are looking for women or men and the aspirations and reasons you have to be a user of the site in question are some of the data that are usually collected in the profile of a dating application.

All applications of this type emphasize the importance of making a good profile and indicating in it, in a clear way, what the preferences are. This will help the app on duty to carry out a good screening among its users, thus offering each person in particular the possibility of contacting those users who best adapt to the desired profile.

To work, dating apps use what are called learning algorithms. These algorithms are based on the information that is provided when filling out the profile. Most of these algorithms place special emphasis on location data. If you live in city X, what interests you the most? Contact a person who lives in the same city or contact another who does so in Y, which is hundreds of kilometers from X?

At the same time, algorithms learn from users. They look at their behavior, the type of profiles they show interest in and those they reject and, based on this, make selections and offer profiles that match the tastes of the user on duty.

Contact websites usually also request an email account to facilitate contact between their users. Most, however, have developed their own internal messaging system. These chats guarantee confidentiality and privacy among web users. In any case, if what you want is to reinforce this privacy, what is recommended is, always, create a free email account and dedicate it exclusively to online dating sites .

Once the profile is created, the level of access of the rest of the users to it will depend on each dating application or website. There are those that allow you to restrict the access of other users to your own profile and there are those that only allow paying users to access it. And is that the vast majority of apps of this type have two modes or versions: one with basic functions (free) and another with more advanced functions or Premium functions (paid).

Once registered in the dating app (and, in most cases, hired a paid version), you can contact other profiles. In order to be able to write to other people, it will not be enough, in many cases, to indicate that we like that person. In order to start a chat, it will also be necessary for that person to indicate that we are also of interest to them. If that happens, the chance to flirt will be closer.


Best dating apps

Given how dating apps work, the time has come to make a list of the best dating apps. The ones that we are going to point out below are among the contact pages and sites most used by those who want to find a partner online or, sometimes, simply meet people .

  • Meetic . This website and dating app is especially intended for those who want to find a stable partner.
  • Tinder . Widely used among young people and one of the most successful.
  • Happn . In this application only appear profiles of the people with whom we have crossed.
  • Badoo . This was the reference site not long ago for those who wanted to find a partner on the internet . Tinder and other apps relegated it to the background, but its redesign and its approach to the Bumble concept has given it back some of the lost prominence.
  • Bumble . Modern and feminist, here the power is held by women. They decide when contact is made and when not.
  • eDarling . With most paid features, eDarling exudes a certain air of exclusivity that makes it the preferred choice for many demanding singles.
  • LoVoo . One of the novelties that this app provides is to allow live video chats between users.
  • Adopt an Uncle . In this case, as in Bumble's, it is the woman who is in control.

Along with these dating apps that mostly allow contact with both men and women, being men or women indistinctly, there are some designed and created specifically for gay users. Among all of them, two stand out: Grindr and Wapo . The creators of Grindr speak of it as "the world's largest social network for gay, bi, trans and queer people."


How to choose a dating app?

Many people who are looking for a partner and know about the existence of this type of websites and applications wonder, which of them is best for me? Since the registration in all of them is free, the person who wants to find a partner or knows people can register in several and take a look around them. Then, knowing a little about how they work, they can go to the Premium version of any of them to access their paid functions.

In any case, to save time and adjust the shot further, there are several factors to consider before choosing a flirting application . Those factors are as follows:

  • What kind of relationship are you looking for?
  • What functions does the app offer and what limitations does it have?
  • Is it easy or difficult to register for it?
  • What level of security and privacy does it guarantee
  • What type of users does the application have?

Once these questions have been answered, you will be able to choose with a greater chance of success for one app or another.