A stressed lawyer and an escort from Barcelona

Monday, 08 November 2021

Stress is said to be one of the great pandemics of our time. There are trades that carry it stapled to their day-to-day life and their professionals must find a way to reduce it if they do not want to risk being fried by a heart attack. There are those who propose the practice of yoga to get rid of stress, those who defend the benefits of Pilates and those who simply prefer to go for a walk in the countryside. There are also those who gorge themselves on anxiolytics and those who turn the gym into the temple in which to free themselves from anxiety. In every drop of sweat, they say, a little bit of stress goes away. I, a lawyer by profession and with a lot of always open issues and conflicts to resolve, defend a system to reduce them that seems much more natural and less effortful: fucking . And do it, if possible, with a pleasure professional.

I believe that periodically hiring the services of an escort is the best way to relieve professional tensions. And I do not say it for say. I say this from experience. I tried running and also hours and hours of laps in the pool and it certainly didn't help me. The work stress was still there. I even attended several yoga sessions at a center recommended to me by clients. None of this was as effective as getting into bed with Sara, a luxury escort from Barcelona who started the already respectable list of whores in Barcelona who have contributed, with their good professional work, their beauty and their horny and dedicated character, to reduce the stress that my profession generates every day.

I am going to talk about how I discovered the beneficial effects of paid sex and how I got to it.

The stressed out lawyer

The stress of the successful lawyer

The Legal Profession was my destiny. My grandfather and my father were lawyers in Barcelona and I could not be less. I remember their long after-dinner conversations talking about the cases they were handling and I remember sitting next to them, with my eyes wide open and my ears turned into two sponges that absorbed everything they heard. They were my idols and I, needless to say, wanted to be like them.

Now, when my grandfather has passed away years ago and my father ruminates on his forgetfulness in a luxury residence in the Maresme, I am already what my grandfather and my father were in their time: the director and visible head of the family law firm. From them I inherited a good portfolio of clients and, like them, I have specialized in Civil Law .

At the same time (I admit to being ambitious), I have managed to make the office bigger. I have hired several collaborators and, with their help, the firm today represents clients who need advice, representation and defense in tax, commercial, administrative, labor and even criminal matters.

All this movement, bringing at the same time issues of inheritance, compensation claims, company mergers, defense of defendants in criminal proceedings, complaints for non-payment of rents, claims to the Administration and legal disputes of the most varied nature , provides me, I will not deny it, a high level of income. But it also creates stress. A lot of stress. Much more than is recommended to enjoy good health and ward off the risk of heart attack.

I, who always had a good night's sleep, spent some time in this part of the middle of the night in white. I get up shortly after going to bed and spend the hours walking around the ground floor of the Pedralbes duplex where my wife, my three children and I live. I have even started smoking again after many years of quitting. My wife recommends that I go to the doctor, but, as my son says, I pass. Step I get plastered. I recognize myself as an addicted nature and I don't want to end up like Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley.

Lawyers in Barcelona

Escape from Justice with a girl

The fact is that on some of those sleepless nights, sitting in the office or leaning out on the balcony, I think about how my grandfather and my father had to overcome those stressful situations that, inevitably, our job generates.

Thinking of all this, a memory came to me some time ago that, I imagine, I myself had wanted to keep under seven keys. In a more or less cyclical way, my father came home late. And when I say late, I mean that it came when my brother and I were already sleeping. "Your father, today, is staying to work," my mother said with obvious bad humor after hanging up the phone.

One night I woke up in the early morning, shortly after my father got home. My mother was snoring him. I tiptoed into the room and listened to them. Of everything I heard, only one sentence has survived into oblivion. My mother said it and the phrase is the following: "you come smelling like a whore ".

The other day, in the midst of insomnia, that memory came to me like a kind of lifeline. "Sure," I thought, "that's how my father de-stressed: going whores ." And decide to try the same medicine.

Escape from justice

The most complicated case of my law career

My experience with the professionals of the pleasure was not very contrasted until that moment, let's say. When I was studying at the Faculty of Law, I had classmates who were from being a lumis. The best brothels in Barcelona were known . In some of them, they were even received with all the honors. I had already fallen in love with Puri and, honestly, in her mouth and between her legs I found everything I needed to satisfy my sexual thirst.

Now it is different, of course. Twenty years of marriage is not the best libido booster. I fuck little and that, without a doubt, does not help to lower the stress level. That is why I decided to seek a remedy for my sexual thirst and my job anxiety in the universe of Barcelona escorts .

Not knowing where the best brothel in Barcelona could be found, I typed in the search engine on my computer whores Barcelona and Barcelona escorts I checked what appeared as a result of that search.

Escort agencies and websites appeared on my computer screen advertising prostitutes from Barcelona of all levels.

Lumis with very cheap rates appeared on those pages along with exclusive luxury escorts with higher rates, as corresponded to their beauty and sensuality, and who provided their services independently in their apartment or, where appropriate, in hotels, rooms by hours and addresses.

Among all the girls who caught my attention, I chose Sara, a young Catalan escort who is barely over twenty years old and who looks very much like Natalia, the girl I hired as an intern at the buffet just three months ago. I liked her resume, but I liked her nice pair of tits better.

Natalia's always promising cleavage is one of the reasons why I like to walk through the door of my office every morning and fuck with a professional who looked a lot like her.I thought it was a good and exciting idea and a good way to get rid of stress. .

It was? Plain and simple: yes. From minute one. I myself had reserved the room for hours in a love hotel in Barcelona near my office. I thought (and so it was) that noon, just after a trial, was a good time to de-stress by having sex with a luxury prostitute who said she had no taboos and declared herself the queen of oral sex .

And it is. Wow, it is. A true queen. Sara's blowjobs are spectacular. She knows how to make her blowjobs last. He takes you to the edge of the precipice with his playful tongue and, when you are about to fall into the abyss of orgasm, he pulls you away from him. You then stay there, with your balls about to burst and completely given over to Sara's sucking art.


Girls to relieve court anxiety

But Sara is much more than one of the best mamonas that one can throw to the face. This escort from Barcelona who declares herself to be a university student and who has absolutely delicious natural tits not only stands out for the way she sucks it. He also stands out for his overflowing sympathy and for his involvement.

Compliant, she came to the appointment on time and dressed as I had requested on the phone: like a secretary who was willing to satisfy the most lustful and ardent whims of her boss. When I had her on top of me, riding me like an enraged filly, I dreamed of Natalia's body and tits. In a way, it was Natalia who was prodding me while Sara, skewered on my penis, moved her hips with just the right cadence to drive me crazy.

When I ran, I felt how, with my abundant and boiling cum, all the stress that had accumulated during the last months of trials, appeals, cars and appearances left me. I perfectly understood my father, his need to go whores, and I knew that, since then, meeting an escort from Barcelona to enjoy her services was going to be the best remedy I could have to relieve my professional tensions.

I repeated several times with Sara and later I understood that one of the best advantages of hiring the services of a professional in the provision of sexual services is that you can change partners whenever you want. To tie yourself only and exclusively to a woman there is already marriage.

After Sara there are many escorts who have fulfilled their medicinal work with me. I have even asked some of them on occasion to dress as a nurse. It makes me very horny to see them dressed like that. In fact, I am discovering myself as a first-rate fetishist and, thanks to the collaboration and good work of these girls, I am turning many of my fantasies into reality. With my wife it was impossible to do it. Nothing remains of the passion of the years we met. Now she limits herself to making good use of all the money my firm generates and telling me from time to time that I come home smelling of a whore. But he says it without getting too angry. Perhaps it is that she is also doing her first steps around there. In any case, it is not worth thinking about it too much.

Stress in court