Oops! Barcelona: swinger club to exchange couples in BCN

Friday, 22 October 2021

Barcelona swingers can feel lucky. In their city they have one of the best couples exchange centers that a liberal couple can dream of: Oops! Barcelona . With a fantastic decoration and an exquisite setting, this swingerclub offers its clients unbeatable facilities and a unique atmosphere.

Located in a renovated modernist house in one of the most exclusive areas of the Catalan capital, this liberal club in Barcelona preserves the charm of its original façade and, at the same time, offers its visitors perfectly equipped facilities to ensure that clients can meet chatting or dancing as to guarantee the greatest intimacy and passion in the rooms set up for exchanges.

The liberal couples of Barcelona find in this place an incomparable atmosphere, finished off with its magnificent gardens with swimming pool. It is enough to look at its website and contemplate the images that are displayed on it to see to what extent the atmosphere of this swinger club in Barcelona is select and pleasant.

Undoubtedly, Oops Barcelona offers the ideal setting for complicity and for the clientele to explore their tastes, enjoying the pleasure of the most satisfying exchanges that an open-minded couple can dream of.

Swingers Barcelona

Themed swinger parties and couples exchange

All audiences, whatever their tastes, will find in this swinger club in Barcelona the way to make their fantasies come true. In Oops! Privacy is guaranteed and beds, a BDSM area for kinky lovers and a dark room are offered.

This swinger room , perfectly equipped, also has changing rooms and showers. In the showers, liberal couples and swingers will find sarongs, towels, slippers and personal hygiene utensils designed to guarantee the best hygiene and the greatest comfort for customers.

The local team organizes swinger parties and various events in which the client can choose the degree of interaction they want. From a simple game or flirting to a full immersion in a liberal experience with couples swapping , the client of this liberal bar in Barcelona can be carried away by their imagination.

Barcelona Oops organizes parties every month and offers its customers, on the top floor of the premises, a spectacular VIP area .

Exchange club in Barcelona

Rules of behavior of Oops Barcelona

As is usual in all exchange clubs , also Oops! Barcelona Swingers Club imposes minimum standards of behavior. Among these standards we can highlight the following:

  • Single girls are allowed entry but not single men.
  • Threesomes are allowed, both those made up of men / women / men and those made up of women / men / women.
  • Sports shoes are not allowed. That is to say: a minimum dress code is required. To enter this liberal room , elegance and sexy must be enhanced.

Like any club of these characteristics, this one emphasizes the importance of the term respect . Only with respect can you truly enjoy a swinger experience. Only with him and with sincere trust can partner exchanges be practiced. Couples, within the facilities, can move from one place to another in a discreet and friendly environment in which there is no room for offensive attitudes or violent gestures.

The Oops! He emphasizes on his website that one of the best signs of respect for others is hygiene. This is fundamental to generate desire, which is the base on which seduction is based and the axis on which all behavior in a liberal club revolves.

To be a member of this place, you have to go to the Club and fill out the form that it makes available to its customers and partners.

This club is open Friday and Saturday, Friday from 23 to 6 hours and Saturdays from 20 to 6 hours.

Undoubtedly, and like Fusion Vip or Swinger Couples are among the best swinger clubs in Madrid , this is one of the best liberal venues in Barcelona, in fact you just have to read the opinions that are on the Internet and in the reviews of Google.

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