Clandestino BDSM: rental dungeons in Barcelona

Monday, 06 September 2021

Lovers of BDSM sooner or later end up needing a dungeon in which to make their fantasies come true and enjoy the practices of the sado world, Bondage and Domination / submission. But owning a dungeon is not easy. It takes space. And money. That is why there are many bedesemeros who resort to renting dungeons.

In cities like Barcelona or Madrid there is no shortage of BDSM clubs or venues that rent spaces to be able to enjoy, with all the guarantees and all kinds of accessories, the best and most intense BDSM practices. In Barcelona, without going any further, Clandestino BDSM shines with its own light.

Clandestino is a club located at 307 on Calle Padilla in Barcelona, near Avenida Gaudí and a stone's throw from the Sagrada Familia. Whoever is looking for an authentic fetish room for rent to enjoy, among others, the most exciting, lustful and perverse sessions of sado, domination, bondage or masochism will find a true paradise in this BDSM room in Barcelona.

The hourly rental of rooms for the practice of sadomasochism allows lovers of kinky sex to enjoy their most perverse and hidden desires and carry out their most morbid sexual fantasies.

BDSM dungeon

Fully Equipped Rental BDSM Dungeons

The Clandestine Club offers its clients 4 dungeons named Naked, Wanda, Berkley and Red respectively. All these spaces stand out for their warmth and cleanliness and for having all kinds of medieval and BDSM accessories.

The dungeons of this Barcelona BDSM club are equipped with punishment cells and showers, confinement cages, beds with handcuffs and Bondage anchors, iron beams with anchors, Berkley foals, wrought iron shackles, WC play, gynecological table, swing of leather, etc.

Among the accessories that the club makes available to its clientele, there is no shortage of shovels, poles, whips, wristbands, anklets, floggers, whips, etc. Neither are the fuck machines . These machines offer rental dildos and other erotic toys to give a spicier touch to the sessions and increase the possibilities of play. It should not be forgotten that sex toys are very helpful accessories when it comes to enriching any type of sexual practice and in this the BDSM universe is no exception.

Those who wish to practice Shibari or play with ropes should take them with them, since the local team does not rent them.

BDSM Club in Barcelona

How is Clandestino BDSM

The team of this BDSM room in Barcelona takes care at all times that the three principles that should govern all types of bedesemeric practices are respected. Thus, the games that are played in their dungeons must always be healthy, safe and sensible. The prohibition of violence in any of its forms is one of the capital norms of this room. Thus, practices, whatever they may be, must be agreed upon by those who participate in them.

To maximize security and guarantee the physical integrity of its clients, Clandestino prevents people who are under the influence of alcohol or any type of narcotic from entering it. Nor can animals or, of course, minors enter the premises or its rooms. The team at this Barcelona venue also places special emphasis on guaranteeing the privacy of its customers.

Clandestino BDSM offers the possibility of buying a gift card to give to your partner or friends.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult their website:

Clandestine BDSM Barcelona