Sala Dreams: a place for BDSM, Bondage, Glory Hole and orgies in Barcelona

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

At 199 calle París, in the heart of Barcelona's Eixample and a stone's throw from Avinguda Diagonal, is Sala Dreams , one of the liberal clubs par excellence in Barcelona.

Located inside the well -known sex shop Snow Dreams Barcelona , this place is an ideal and perfectly designed space to enjoy sex with absolute reality. If you have morbid fantasies and you are wanting to make them come true, in the Dreams Room you can do it. In this place for sex in Barcelona your trends or your tastes do not matter. Here you can have any type of sexual encounter, since the space is perfectly equipped so that you only have to worry about enjoying yourself.

Snow dreams

Room for Bondage and BDSM

Anyone who wants to rent a dungeon in Barcelona to enjoy BDSM practices can do so here. The dungeon, equipped with cages, stretcher, bed with stocks, St. Andrew's cross and various attachment points to practice Bondage and Shibari , is perfectly equipped for kinky lovers.

The team at this place also makes all kinds of BDSM erotic material and toys available to its customers: handcuffs, whips, floggers, whips, nipple clamps, jockstraps, etc. A BDSM session with some good accessories is always a better session. Not surprisingly, these accessories serve to give a spicier touch and guarantee a better atmosphere and a greater sexual impact to any Domination and submission scene.

BDSM Barcelona

Casual and group sex in Barcelona

Beyond the rental of dungeons for the practice of BDSM, this room offers a wide range of opportunities to enjoy casual sex in Barcelona or to enjoy an intense and passionate group sex session in Barcelona.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the Glory Hole or join an orgy in Barcelona can do so at the Dreams Room with the guarantee of fully preserving their privacy.

Also in this room will find an ideal place for those who want to have fun and have sex in a trans environment. It will be enough to sign up for events of these characteristics that the room organizes regularly.

Dungeon Rental in Barcelona

Glory Hole Cabins

All liberal sex lovers know what the Glory Hole is. There are men and women who are passionate about performing fellatio on strangers without even seeing their faces. This is hidden behind a wall, a curtain, etc. The only thing they see of that person is the penis, which is, ultimately, the only thing that interests them. Sucking a cock that is offered through a hole without knowing who owns that phallus. That's what the Glory Hole is all about.

Sala Dreams offers booths for this type of sexual practice . Casual sex , thus, is guaranteed in this place where single and double cabins are rented.

In this sexshop on Paris Street, booths are also rented to watch porn movies . Not surprisingly, the place offers a catalog of more than 2,000 XXX movies to choose from. Sala Dreams holds, without a doubt, a varied and impressive film library of porn films.

The room also offers booths for extreme contact and a French corridor with more than 45 holes in which you can have all kinds of sexual relations, from fellatio to penetration, being able to choose in both cases the desired role, active or passive .

Glory hole

Orgy in Barcelona

Participating in an orgy is among the sexual fantasies of many people. Orgies are organized in this liberal room in Barcelona to enjoy group sex without complexes.

In the orgies organized by Sala Dreams you can find from liberal couples to horny and horny , mature and not, who like to break down taboos and have a good time enjoying their own body and that of the rest of the people who participate in that group sexual encounter. In these meetings, which can be attended alone or as a couple, the limits are set by each one.


Trans sex

Finally, it is necessary to highlight one of the great offers of sexual leisure in the Dreams Room. This takes place on Thursdays between 4:30 pm and 9:00 pm. On that day of the week and at that time, crossdressers (CD's), transvestites and trans couples are summoned to enjoy their sexuality without complexes or fuss.

The organization makes available to the participants in these parties trans lockers and dressing rooms to be able to change and adopt the desired appearance.

Without a doubt, Sala Dreams is one of the temples of casual sex in Barcelona .

Trans Sex

Rooms by the hour

Among the latest services that this BCN sex room offers its clients, it is worth highlighting that of renting rooms by the hour . These rooms are isolated from the rest of the premises. With a really affordable price, the Sala Dreams team offers two rooms with a large bed and attached toilet and shower service. In these spaces, discretion and privacy, in addition to hygiene, are guaranteed.

Those who wish to enjoy one of these rooms by the hour can do so from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 9 pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays and Monday between 4 pm and 9 pm.

Rooms by the hour in Barcelona