Club Rosas Cinco: one of the best BDSM clubs in Barcelona

Wednesday, 07 July 2021

One cannot speak of the BDSM environment of Barcelona without mentioning the Club Rosas Cinco , a private club that, located at number 5 Atenes street, near Plaza Molina, declares itself "open to everyone in BDSM".

Rosas Cinco is a classic among BDSM clubs in Barcelona , a place where lovers of kinky sex , without distinction of sex or role, can enjoy their sexuality with a group of people who, from the most diverse fields labor, social and cultural, are twinned by a common denominator: their love of a type of erotic practices that go beyond the limits of what is known as vanilla sex within the nonsense environment.

Since its birth, this BDSM venue in Barcelona has set the objective of promoting the exchange of experiences within this wide universe that encompasses practices as different as those that have to do with Bondage, Domination / submission, sadomasochism, etc.

Thanks to this exchange of experiences between the members and clients of this social club, they can deepen in the search for pleasure and in the knowledge of their own sexual personality.

Practice BDSM in Barcelona

Clothing at the Club Rosas Cinco de Barcelona

This club, like many other BDSM venues in Barcelona , imposes a series of rules to be able to access it and enjoy its parties and events.

The Rosas5 dress code is black, although other styles such as fetish, leather, latex, military or nude are occasionally allowed.

Open as the venue is from Thursday to Sunday, the dresscode is mandatory on Fridays and Saturdays. On those days, the club opens at 11pm and lowers the blind at five in the morning.

Dress code is relaxed (to some extent) on Thursdays and Sundays. These days the dresscode is not so strict. Of course: those who wear colored shorts, sandals or sports shoes will not be able to access the premises.

The opening hours of this BDSM club in Barcelona are from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. On Sundays, for its part, the place closes at the same time but opens at 6 pm.

BDSM club rules

Rules of a BDSM Club

Beyond the rules relating to dresscode, this BDSM club in Barcelona imposes a series of rules on its members and on the people who want to go to it. Among these rules we can highlight those that we are going to comment on below.

One of the strictest rules is that which indicates that illegal drugs cannot be possessed or consumed within the Club, nor can they be trafficked in, just as prostitution cannot be exercised within it.

Members must feel completely safe their privacy within the premises. That is why the use of cameras is not allowed inside it and recordings with mobile phones are banned. Discretion and anonymity, typical of this type of club and also of swinger clubs , is a maxim that the Management of this BCN BDSM venue takes care of at all times.

Another function of the Management is to ensure that the activities and games are carried out through the planned channel. If there is something that should always prevail in BDSM that something is consensus and security. Violent practices or physical or psychological aggression are prohibited. Based on this, the Club Rosas Cinco Management can stop when it deems appropriate a certain game or activity.

To ensure the safety of the game, the Club Management recommends moderate consumption of alcohol and prohibits drinking it in the dungeon.

The Directorate is also responsible for giving authorization to perform various sexual practices such as golden shower or erotic games with electricity.

The entrance to the premises is free, but it is mandatory to have at least one drink in order to collaborate in the maintenance of the club.

Finally, the management team of this social club warns that failure to comply with the rules can lead to being definitively expelled from the association.

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Hygiene in BDSM practices

Hygiene care is one of the priorities of this BDSM Club in Barcelona . Not surprisingly, the fact that the partners share instruments and facilities and the fact that some of the practices carried out in them involve some type of risk forces us to take extreme precautions and demand their active collaboration from the partners.

Thus, the Management asks its partners to go to the premises and leave the facilities in "optimal hygiene conditions" and expresses in its regulations the desire that the partners inform Management (as well as their playmate) in case of suffering any type of physical or mental illness or problem.

Rent a dungeon for BDSM in Barcelona

The management team of Club Rosas Cinco offers the possibility of renting the entire club. Anyone who wishes to celebrate a party, a presentation or any type of event in this place can do so after contacting the local Management, either through its website ( or through social networks.

This place (equipped with all kinds of accessories and erotic toys for BDSM , is also rented for photographic sessions and filming. If you are a publicist and want to film a spot with a certain BDSM aroma, in this Barcelona place you will find the setting you are looking for searching.

For BDSM lovers who live or are passing through the Catalan capital, this room is the ideal place to have a rental dungeon in Barcelona .

Well connected, the club can be reached by public transport, either by bus (line V15), or by the Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Pàdua station).

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