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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

As it is usually said: against taste there are no disputes. This phrase, which applies to many aspects of life, also applies to sex. Everyone likes to fuck a certain type of person. That, however, is not so noticeable in everyday life. After all, you don't always fuck with who you want but with who you can. Only in one case is a man guaranteed to do it with the kind of woman he likes and makes him like: when he hires a sex worker. When he goes whores.

The man who hires a lumi chooses, of course, the type of girl he likes. He'll pick her tall if that's how he likes women. Or a little lower, if that's the case. The circumstantial or habitual whore can choose a certain woman according to the color of her hair or eyes, the size of her boobs, her more or less stylized, more or less curvy shape, the tone of her skin, the services provided or, plain and simple, to your nationality.

There are men who like to fuck Brazilians, men who get pounded just thinking about the possibility of embedding a Latina and men who, beyond the physical characteristics of the lumi on duty, demand in an inalienable way that this lumi be Spanish. That he was born in the homeland of Sergio Ramos, Julio Iglesias and Rafa Nadal. And that, which can happen to any man in any corner of our country, also happens to many men in Barcelona. These, when it comes to fucking paying, prefer to do it with a Spanish woman. And that's what this article is about today, about the best Spanish escorts in Barcelona .

In the same way that we do not analyze why some gentlemen prefer blondes and other brunettes or why some clients hire prostitutes who are experts in oral sex and others only decide to call the chosen girl if she offers Greek among her services, either. We are going to analyze why a man only hires (or preferably hires) Spanish prostitutes and not Latin, Brazilian, Russian, Oriental, African or Nordic prostitutes. As we said at the beginning of this text: against taste there are no disputes. After all, cultural affinity can allow for greater communication and sex, we know, is good at communication.

The only thing we can say to those men who live or are passing through Barcelona and who are looking for Spanish luxury prostitutes in Barcelona is that they are in luck. In BCN there are many. We are going to talk to you about some of the most explosive, the sexiest, some of those that, without a doubt, satisfy any man who dates them.

Spanish whores in Barcelona

The best Spanish whores in Barcelona

A man who wishes to hire the services of a Spanish escort in Barcelona must know a number of names. Sonia, a wonderful Galician girl with perky breasts and a dazzling smile, is one of them. Bárbara's, seductive and uninhibited in her thirties with gluttonous lips and upturned ass, is another. So are those of Tania, Perla, Marta or Nuria. Any gentleman who wants to fuck a Spanish lumi in BCN must have those names written down in his diary.

Tania, slim and athletic, is one of those girls made for strong feelings. Sex with her cannot be conceived as a leisurely experience. Everything about her body (her hard and haughty breasts, her feline gaze, her lumpy buttocks ...) makes you think of a wild and exhausting fuck. Tania, young and insatiable, is made for hand-to-hand fighting, for sexual fever, to demand the most from her lovers.

Nuria: the sweetness of the best fellatio

Nuria, for her part, is the opposite. Sweet, affectionate, honeyed and almost shy. Or apparently shy, because the truth is that, in short distances, this Spanish company girl in Barcelona is anything but shy. Ideal to enjoy a wonderful GFE experience and feel by his side accompanied by the best girlfriend one could ever dream of, Nuria wastes morbid for all the pores of her skin.

With a charming but unapproachable ass, Nuria reveals herself as a true five-star fella. His blowjobs, slow and full of saliva, are a real delight. Nuria's lips and tongue are enough to lead her occasional lovers to a paradise full of pleasant sensations. His French is, without a doubt, among the best oral sex services in Barcelona.

The best whores in Barcelona

Marta: beautiful and complete Andalusian escort in BCN

Master of the blowjob is also Marta. Sevillian with markedly Andalusian features, a flagship brunette with breathtaking breasts and hips that, in movement and riding us, mark the most intoxicating rhythms with which a man can be fucked, Marta is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Spanish company girls in Barcelona.

Marta provides her services solely and exclusively in her luxurious private apartment, located a stone's throw from the Sagrada Familia. Fucking contemplating from the window the stylized elegance of the towers designed by Gaudí can be a very pleasant experience for those clients who want to live an unforgettable erotic experience with a beautiful and sensual queen of fellatio.

But Marta not only stands out as an escort for being beautiful and sucking her well. Marta is also a true teacher in the use of all kinds of sex toys. Your sextoys briefcase is priceless. Clients who want to experience new sensations playing with dildos and vibrators or trying the strap-on with a Spanish erotic masseuse in Barcelona can do so with Marta. You will not regret.

Perla: anal sex with a Spanish lumi in Barcelona

Anal sex lovers, meanwhile, can now rub their hands together and get ready to enjoy one of the best assfuckings of their lives. The buttocks of Perla, a Valencian redhead with pronounced curves and white skin, will receive all the attacks with the happiness with which only the asses of women can receive them who are crazy to be shoved by the broom.

Pearl is lust made woman. Her green eyes send each look an invitation to get lost in unknown labyrinths of pleasure and her tits, big, hard and crowned by two large pink nipples, are an inescapable destination for the hands and mouths of her lovers. If her Greek were not, certainly, insurmountable, we could say that the Cuban is the best service provided to her clients by this Spanish luxury whore from BCN. But it is that the Greek that Perla lends is, without a doubt, among the most exclusive in Barcelona. Perla does not set any limits in this regard. The deeper the Greek, the better. The more you feel penetrated, the better. There are asses that seem born to be fucked again and again and to the depths and Perla's is one of them.

Spanish escorts

Spanish agency escorts in Barcelona

Perla, Marta, Nuria, Tania, Sonia and Bárbara, among many others, are among the most exclusive, ardent and beautiful independent Spanish escorts in Barcelona due to their own merits. Some, like Marta, Tania or Perla, have their private apartment in one of the most central neighborhoods of the Catalan capital. Others, like Sonia, provide their services at home, in hotels or in one of the many apartments by the hour that can be rented in the city.

But there are clients who, far from opting for the hiring of independent company ladies, choose to look for luxury callgirls who provide their service in an agency that has a certain reputation.

Luckily for these gentlemen, Barcelona has no shortage of agencies of this type. In fact, there are a good handful of them and the vast majority can be found Spanish luxury whores in Barcelona. Blondes, brunettes, or redheads; with the largest breasts or the smallest tits, specialized in anal sex or French queens, slim or massive, taller or shorter ... the variety is almost endless.

Any gentleman who wishes to contact a Spanish agency prostitute in Barcelona only has to telephone the agency where the chosen girl provides her services and make an appointment with her. That this appointment will be a waste of pleasant sensations is something that guarantees the prestige of these agencies and the beauty, sensuality and involvement of their girls.

Have you already chosen yours? Or do you prefer independent girls? Don't overthink it and make that call. Your body will appreciate it. And your soul too. As Eastern cultures teach us, one and the other are connected. Being well fucked is much happier.

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