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Tuesday, 09 February 2021

Silky and smooth skin, the result of the characteristics of the race and also of the care inherited from a millenary culture, a sensual and mysterious elegance, small but sensitive breasts and hard and striking nipples, an apparent fragility that is very sexy, a markedly youthful air that survives in them for many years and that always casts doubt on their age ... These are some of the characteristics that make Asian women highly desired by many Western men.

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai ... all these women appear before the eyes of Western gentlemen as much desired fruits. That is why there are many men who, when dating an escort, seek that she is of Asian origin. In them men see the height of eroticism. That mysterious delicacy makes them very horny. It also makes them think that, according to myth, the vaginal canal of Asian women is narrower. This makes them believe in a special stimulation of the penis. In that it is more "warm" during the time of intercourse.

The men who usually reside in Barcelona or who are passing through the Catalan capital are no different from other Western men. This is also why, like them, residents of Barcelona or passing through, especially value the possibility of enjoying the company and erotic services of a Chinese , Korean, Japanese or Thai woman. And it is for that reason, too, that in a historically alive and constantly moving market such as the prostitution market in Barcelona there is no shortage of Asian escorts.

Men from Barcelona who like the sexual company of women with Asian features can feel lucky: there are many Asian escorts in Barcelona. In this article we are going to talk only about some of the most beautiful and those that, whether or not they have just arrived in Barcelona, have managed to earn a well-deserved and recognized prestige within the erotic accompaniment trade.

Chinese whores in Barcelona

The best Asian whores in Barcelona

Among the Asian luxury whores in Barcelona , Suni should be highlighted. This Korean girl with piercing eyes and delicate curves is a complete sexual bocatto di cardinale made for the most demanding palates. Behind her youthful air and her appearance of never having broken a plate hides a true nympho. Thus, at least, she defines herself. And this is confirmed in the forums by some clients who have enjoyed their services. "Their blowjobs are unforgettable," they say, and in doing so they highlight Suni's wisdom in doing a French and taking it to the end. Once they have reached that point, their clients comment, it is the client himself who decides how to finish it, either by letting himself go on the porcelain face of this beautiful Korean whore from Barcelona, or by emptying himself inside her mouth. In both cases, Suni is shown as a viciously submissive young woman who remains forever in the memory of those who have the fortune to enjoy the naked body of this oriental doll.

Also dominating the most exquisite arts of oral sex is Kyoto. Born in Barcelona to Japanese parents, this Asian lumi from Barcelona perfectly blends the western and the eastern. Her breasts, adorned with two purple nipples and hard like two candied fruits, are a wonder of delicacy and a claim for the lips of those who, seeking to live a unique and very exclusive sexual experience, contact her.

But Kyoto not only stands out for its beauty and delicate sensuality. She also stands out for being one of the most expert Asian erotic masseurs in Barcelona. His hands treasure all the magic and all the wisdom of the best oriental masseurs and with them it is enough and enough to lead his clients to the most explosive of ecstasies.

Chinese masseurs in Barcelona

Kyoto's close friend is Sara. Together, these two Asian luxury prostitutes from Barcelona offer one of the most treasured threesomes in Barcelona. One and the other complement each other perfectly. If Kyoto is a goddess of erotic massage and oral sex, Sara is a fan of anal. Her fragile-looking bottom resists everything and welcomes everything. She says it herself in her profile: "I am a Japanese who enjoys Greek like crazy." And those who have had the good fortune to verify it confirm it. "The ass of this Asian whore from Barcelona looks like a bottomless pit," some of her clients comment on a forum. "Few times I have enjoyed as much as assfucking this Japanese lumi from BCN," says another.

Luna is also a fan of anal, a Chinese girl with a mischievous smile and provocative gaze who offers herself as an Asian escort in BCN for outings to hotels and homes and who proclaims to the four winds that she has no taboos. "Anything that is enjoying sex," he says, "I like it." Those who wish to enjoy the company of an Asian prostitute in BCN and hope to make their most lustful dreams come true, can find the perfect company in Luna.

Luna is an Asian sweetheart who is passionate about exploring new possibilities of pleasure with a smile on her lips and with the tireless and passionate fierceness of her youth. Luna never gets tired and always wants more. Those who like the company of pleasure adventurers who demand the maximum from their occasional lovers, Luna is one of the best options among the most prestigious Asian luxury escorts in Barcelona.

Those who, on the contrary, dream of a much calmer date and less agitated by the passion and fervor typical of youth, have in Kanda a magnificent option. Kanda is a very elegant Thai escort, a tall, lanky woman with studies who reveals herself at all times as the best company to attend any type of event, be it a company dinner, or a previous theatrical, operatic or film premiere to an intense session of exclusive and overflowing sex.

Cultured and refined, Kanda is revealed as one of the best Asian erotic escorts in Barcelona. In private, in addition, this Thai prostitute in BCN is an imaginative and very dedicated lover who demonstrates to what extent the same woman can be the lady in public and the most sexual and provocative prostitute in privacy. Those gentlemen who, tired of living more or less predictable experiences in the sexual field, wish to live an extremely special and unforgettable adventure, have a pending appointment with this Asian luxury prostitute in BCN.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to enjoy the company and services of an Asian luxury escort in Barcelona , nothing like the typical Chinese hairdressers in Barcelona where a Chinese masseuse gives you a massage with a very cheap happy ending but in a not very suggestive environment. We therefore encourage you to take the step forward to savor an exciting and intoxicating Asian hottie, it only depends on you. They, independent or agency, are waiting for your call to confirm all the myths that you may have in your head about Asian lovers.

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