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Tuesday, 08 December 2020

The bones, for the broth. This is what many men say when they contemplate a woman who, although beautiful, is slim. For those men, we go with arguments about the sensuality and elegance of the stylized or with photos of women taken from the catwalks and fashion magazines. Those men get the meat. And, speaking of meat, they say, better than not missing.

Big tits , powerful asses, pronounced curves: that's what they like in women, that's what makes these men really horny. And that's exactly what they look for when they want to fuck. And that's how they look for them when they go out for drinks or flirting or when, at a shot, they approach a brothel or hire a luxury lumi through a website.

Are you that type of man? Do you recognize yourself in the profile of gentlemen who splice when they think of massive women ? Are you one of those guys who populate their erotic dreams with girls with big breasts and rotund asses? Well, you know that this article is directed to you. In it we are going to talk about some of the most massive escorts in Barcelona. We write it for you in case one day you are interested in hiring the services of one of those escorts, in case you ever want to enjoy the multiple and maddening pleasures that a jamona whore in Barcelona can provide you.

If you are that type of man, you have to meet Alicia. Alicia is a massive prostitute from BCN whose body overflows her always naughty underwear. How do you support the weight of those boobs? Their bras seem to ask. How to hold the momentum of those buttocks ?, her panties say to themselves. How to disguise the meaty sensuality of this 21st-century Rubens grace? With just 18 years behind her, in Alicia's photos you can sense the hardness in her flesh of her youth and, at the same time, the overflowing passion that only young people can provide.

Alicia describes herself as rapturous, passionate and cheerful. If it is true that where there is meat there is joy, this exuberant light from Barcelona must be the life of the party. His fucking, apart from being passionate, must be, without a doubt, a flood of vitality, a song of joy. Breastfeeding her big tits, feeling the stone touch of her large buttocks in your hands and sinking into the abyss that seems to inhabit her crotch must be, without a doubt, a pleasure without parallel.

Busty escorts in Barcelona

Thus, at least, some of her clients on the networks rate the fortune of enjoying Alicia's erotic services. Some of these clients take the opportunity provided by the forums to also talk about the irresistible charms of Pamela, a massive company girl in Barcelona who defines herself as the goddess of curvys and the horniest of them all.

To reaffirm that description, Pamela is used to showing herself in her advertisements with her ass in pomp, displaying the resounding and magnificent buttocks of a woman who, far from being ashamed of it, knows the terrain she is treading and knows everything that men they like well made, big and powerful asses. What greater pleasure than impaling such an ass? We wonder. That is why many men call Pamela and meet her to enjoy her excellent Greek. The great fantasy of those who adore culonas.

Luz, a busty arrival from Latin lands, is another one of those hazy lumis that drive men crazy. His curves do not even paint the adjective "dangerous". How many men will not have gone mad with desire when walking them? How many men have not forgotten all their problems and the stresses of their daily lives by stroking, licking, stroking and kissing Luz's curvy body? She says she has lost count of those men. That there are many who have come to her to enjoy her impressive catalog of erotic services. We believe it.

And it is that Luz is pure passion and pure debauchery, an erupting volcano, a lioness of sex, a chubby and horny woman who conceives sex as a game and who gives herself to him with her five senses. When she starts her appointments, for Luz there is only one goal: to provide her client with the maximum possible pleasure. In this he uses all his will and in this, too, each one of the centimeters of his ham body. Clients who visit her affirm that Luz is used to finding that sought-after north and that they always leave her side exhausted, absolutely empty, satisfied to the maximum and, of course, wanting to return together with that curvy lumi from Barcelona that she offers to her clients the possibility of enjoying a duplex with her friend Sofía, a young Spanish girl who defines herself as a horny chubby and who does not disgust anything.

Culonas escorts in Barcelona

To speak of Sofia is to speak of exuberance in its purest form. Sofía is what could be called the prototype of a fat but hot woman, a woman whose sensuality is beyond her kilos. Every inch of Sofía's massive body invites you to fuck. Every inch of her skin is a tribute to provocation. Sofia is the exuberant luxury prostitute par excellence. Impossible not to dream of a huge Cuban when you look at her big tits. Impossible not to think of a wild anal sex session when you see her buttocks that draw an impressive ass. Impossible not to imagine her riding on top of us, powerful and invincible, ham and absolutely addicted, when we contemplate her vicious smile and her wide hips. We imagine those hips pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing ... and we feel how all the blood in our body gallops towards our genitals, calling for war.

And it is that, let's face it, the solid escorts of Barcelona transmit an idea of unchained sex and without taboos that not all lumis can transmit. Chunky girls seem to be made for sex and for the battle substitute that sex often becomes and that is why the stuffed escorts from Barcelona , those who far exceed certain trouser sizes and some bra sizes, are known to be desired by a legion of men who seek in them contact with the natural and the challenge of facing the unleashed forces of femininity.

And the fact is that curvy can be beautiful and very, very sensual is demonstrated by chubby luxury prostitutes in Barcelona like Isabella. Isabella, coming from Brazil, proclaims 120 on the chest, 75 on the waist and 110 on the hip. With her 170 cm tall, her jet black hair and her greenish eyes, Isabella is undoubtedly a true lioness of sex, an unattainable peak for all those men who doubt their sexual strength and who approach sex with shyness. Going to bed with Isabella is kind of like trying to climb Everest. How to measure up with this ham with perky breasts, playful hips and swaying waist? Simply letting go. Letting her, with all her sexual wisdom and all her experience, bring out the best in us.

After all, if we are one of those men who like chunky women, if we are one of those macho men who get hot when they contemplate the curves of a ham woman, share a bed with one of these curvy luxury whores de Barcelona can only be conceived as a party, never as something that is experienced as a kind of pressure, as a burden. And as such, like a party, we have to experience the opportunity to fuck one of them.

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